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Welcome to The Alan Cumming Party!!!!!!! This is the unofficial Alan Cumming fan club! If you love Alan, then this is the place to be. If you would like to join our exsclusive club, please visit our contact page. If you are reading this Alan, then we would like to tell you that you are the greatest human being to ever walk the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have time, we would really appreciate it if you would contact us. WE WOULD BE THE MOST HAPPY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun everyone!!!!!!!

-Maggie and Rachel


Alan has recently jumped on board for FIVE new projects, which are: A remake of "Reefer Madness (TV),  "Mr. Ripley's Return" (2004), "Eighteen" (2005), "Never Was" (2005), and "Coming Out" (2006), you can find info on these projects at

p.s. "Coming Out" looks like it might call for a promisingly-delious cabaret scene with Alan.


Hiya all!!! This update is dedicated to Jeff!!! If you haven't caught Alan on The Gram Nortom Effect, than catch it soon! And put it in your pocket cause it's just to faboulous for words.

We have BIG news!!!! Alan Cumming has signed on for X3!!!!!!!! We haven't been updating very much, but we are going to try update it more often. We applogize for the inconvenience.

We would like to congratulate Jeffizzle for winning 3rd place in Science Olympiad!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Exelent job!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!! Tonight at 9:00 pm on Oxygen is Eavesdropping with Alan!!!!!!!!! And Tonight Megan Mullally is going to be on (she plays Karen on Will & Grace)!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! It's going to be very splendid!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!! It's going to be fabulous, A MUST see!!!! You CAN NOT miss this!!!!!


Guten Tag! The Alan Cumming Party would like to say congradulations to Domico and Gregory for winning lifeskill awards at the Academic Rally!!!!!! YAY!!!!! You guys deserve it! And we would also like to congradulate Qiaochu for winning 1st place in the math competition!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! 1st place, how splendid!!!! Good job Qiaochu!


Hello everyone!!! Today is Domico's birthday!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! The Alan Cumming Party would like to wish you a happy birthday!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMICO!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Have a splendid day!!!


Oh gosh! We forgot to tell you that just recently we put a new page on that says every movie that Alan has ever been in! YAY!!! Oh, and Jeffizzle it's ok no one knows who you are anyway so please, don't worry about us posting your name here.


Hello, nothing big going on at the moment, we changed the picture above, we will try to change it every month even every week if we get around to it. We want to give a shout out to Ta David (the real one, not you Jeffizzle) from the cheese bored, we've had the plesure of getting to know him lately. Getting to know you, getting to like the sight of you...


Oh! I knew that marrage would never last. Well, I hope that poor Gregory didn't take the news too hard. Oh! and I'm sure that cool gay guy isn't gone forever, he probably ether was sick or took the day off.


We had a lovely outing with Domico and we were sad cause cool gay guy was gone.


Gregory Wilson and I have announced our divorce because alas my heart belongs to Gay Pimp,


Happy Valentines, Thanks to all who attended Maggie's Valentines Mocktail Party, It was a BLAST!! We just checked and he has done a ton of updates he has sooo much cumming up and is doing lots (dead word!) of hard work. Keep up the fantabulous work! We are so disapointed we forgot to tape Evesdropping With Alan TODAY!!!!!


Bonjour!!! Rachel, being the little 50's housewife that I am I baked the cake but cool gay guy came over and we baked together and sung along to Cher.


Guten Tag!! It's Rachel and I would just like to give a toast to the newly weds, Maggie and Gregory for finally tighing the knot!!!! Hope your marrige will last. Oh! and dinner tonight was scrumptious but Gregory, you really need to make sure you don't over cook the chicken it was just a bit dry. And the mashed potatos were a bit lumpy. But Maggie your cake was to die for!!!!!! Where ever did you get that recapie you must tell me!!!! Or was it from that fabulous bakery?


Hi, Maggie here just writing to say hi to my husband GREGORY WILSON, and my wannabe-husband JEFF EGGERS, whoms picture will be up soon. we'll be adding more soon so keep refilling those drinks and try not to dirty up the house!


Hey party people!!! We would like to say greetings to our friends at The Cheese Board (if any of you are out there) who might we say our quite fabulous indeed!!! They're just so awesomely splendid!!!! And guess what else? We're going to make a movie!!!!! YAY!!! It's going to be awesome it's going to be people dancing!!! We're going to get Domico to dance and Chris to dance and Sarah to dance and Stephaine to dance and Rachel's brother to do the maniac dance to the song "She's a Maniac" in red pokadot pajamas. And us of course!!! each person will be dancing to a different song in a different location (downtown, Maggie's room, Rachel's room, school ect.) and will be doing their own unique dance!!! It's going to be splendid!!! We still need more people though so we're looking for dancers!!!


Guess what? We finnaly put up pictures of us!!!!!!! There's one absolutely splendifferic one on our about page and lots of fabulous ones on our Pictures of Us page. Take a look if you are interested in what we really look like!!!!!! We even have some of our friends Domico and Chris who sadly do not share our love for Mr. Cumming but they are our friends anyway. Besides we're working on them anyway... they'll join the party sooner or later.


How are you all doing today? Well, we're just dandy!!! We have some updates on our Alan's Newest Projets page about Garfield the movie. Check them out because we have some news that will knock your socks off!!!!!! YAY!!!! HORAY!!! Big news in Alan's Newest Projects stop reading this, nothing big here. The Alan's Newest Projects page is where our spendiferrous news is!!!!


Hello everyone!!! We're sorry that we haven't put any updates on in a while. A VERY long time like almost a month. ALMOST not quite a month though. More like...3 weeks or something we really just don't know.


Good day alan fans!!! The Alan Cumming party staff would like to wish you all Happy Holidays!!!! Personally we celebrate Christmas (this doesn't mean
you have to as well) so we are all getting ready for tomorrow is Christmas eve!!! We are all very exited because we all asked for some Alan stuff!!!!! (movies, books, ect.) So Happy Holidays, whatever your holiday!! Oh! My goodness, we were so exited about the Holidays that we almost forgot to tell you all that at the movie theaters, durring some movies, they are now playing a trailer for Garfield!!!! Yay an Alan movie!!!! We can't wait!!!!


We haven't said anything for a few days!! Gregory, DO NOT FEAR THE ALAN!!!


Sorry everyone but our website is still under construction. But please enjoy the party!


Greetings everyone! Today is the first day of the party. So grab a cocktail and join us for the party that never ends!!!



You will recive a monthly e-news letter, a homemade membership card and more to come.

!!!DISCLAIMER!!!! We take NO credit for any of the pictures of Alan Cumming. If their yours and you want credit, please e-mail us, thank you.